This month only: $1 from every DNA test sold goes to shelter cats.

Give the gift of wisdom.™

Not only is Wisdom Panel™ the most accurate pet DNA test, but we’ve also tested twice as many pets as our competitors. Our database of 3M+ pets means you have a 99.9% chance of finding your dog’s relatives—and a 100% chance of getting the most precise results. Plus, every DNA sample we receive contributes to the largest veterinary genetic research study (ever). So you’re not just doing something great for one pet, you’re actually helping all of petkind.

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Breed insights Breed mix affects everything from temperament to activity needs. Our tests give you the most accurate breed reporting and detection, so you can truly understand all the details hiding in your pet’s DNA.

Relatives Curious about your dog’s siblings, parents, and other (non-human) family? Now, you can meet and learn from your pup’s relatives. (Fun fact: 99.9% of the dogs tested have a match).

Health With data from 3 million + pets, our tests can detect genetic disorders and health risks in individual pets. So you (and your vet) can help your pet lead the healthiest, happiest life.

Traits Get the story behind every trait, from fur type to eye color, with a deep dive into how your pet’s genetics influence their physical characteristics (in other words: why they’re so cute).

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