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Life with Pets November 16, 2020

21 unique gift ideas for your one-of-a-kind dog

Trying to find the perfect present for your pup? Here are a few recommendations to consider based on your dog’s breed and personality.

Ah, the holidays: a time of year when splurging on your pet isn’t only acceptable—it’s expected! If you’re not sure what you’re getting your pup yet, here are 21 gift ideas for the good-est boys and girls around.

For the mystery mix

We’ve categorized gifts in this guide by common breed characteristics—such as activity level and physical traits. But if you don’t know what your dog’s breed make-up is, you’ll need a DNA test to find out.

Wisdom Panel™ Premium dog DNA test

Wisdom Panel™ Premium dog DNA test

Developed by top geneticists and veterinarians, the Wisdom Panel™ Premium test offers more insight into your dog’s ancestry, traits, and health than ever before.

This test screens for 350+ breeds types, and varieties and reports breed mix down to 1%. Plus, with 200+ health tests, you’ll be able to provide proactive, customized care and plan for your pup’s needs with confidence and knowledge.

It’s a must-have for any pet parent who wants to know their dog on a deeper level.

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For the heavy shedder

If you’ve got a woolly mammoth—such as a Samoyed, Collie, or Saint Bernard—you likely spend more of your time than you’d like cleaning up tufts of dog hair. These gifts can help you control or contain the excessive shedding.

Shed Defender Onesie
Image credit: Shed Defender®

Shed Defender®

Featured on Shark Tank, this “world’s first onesie for dogs” helps reduce anxiety, protect sensitive areas after surgery, and control shedding. It also just looks fabulous (and comes in different colors).

Since Shed Defender® is made from a lightweight, breathable, eco-friendly fabric, your pup should feel comfortable wearing it at home, in the car, or anywhere else you’d rather not have dog hair. (But you will need to remove it and groom your dog occasionally to prevent matting.)

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FURminator deShedding Tool
Image credit: FURminator

FURminator Undercoat deShedding Tool

You’ve probably heard of the FURminator. And though it may seem more like a gift for you than for your dog, someone on our team remarked that her pup “actually likes to be brushed with this.” If you ask us, that’s reason enough to buy one!

With proper use, this simple product allegedly reduces shedding by up to 90%. And we can attest it’s particularly useful for breeds that blow their dense coats (e.g., MalamutesGerman Shepherds, Huskies).

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For the food fanatic

Have a Pug or Labrador Retriever mix that’s always eyeing the treat bag? Make eating a brain game with these interactive treat and food puzzles.

White dog playing with treat puzzle
Image credit: Outward Hound

Outward Hound treat puzzles

Made with food-safe materials, any of Outward Hound’s dozen different treat games and puzzles will keep your pup occupied for hours. (And for meals, there’s also these slow feeder bowls.)

Have a smart pup? You can select puzzles based on the level of challenge, which could be particularly useful if your dog is prone to destructive behaviors when bored.

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PAW5 Snuffle Mat
Image credit: PAW5

PAW5 Snuffle Mat

Inspired by the way canines forage for food in the wild, the PAW5 snuffle mat turns meals into an interesting challenge for your pup. It’s made with non-toxic materials, machine-washable, and suitable for dogs of all sizes.

Just drop a few treats or some kibble into the mat to engage your pup’s brain on a daily basis. (This is also an easy intro to the world of nose work—a “dog sport” many breeds love.)

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For the toy-obsessed

If you’ve got a dog that would happily play tug-of-war all day, it’s hard to go wrong with getting them toys for the holidays. But with so many toys to choose from, why not let your pup try out several with a subscription box?

KONG Box subscription for dog toys
Image credit: KONG Box

KONG Box subscription

You may know KONG by its resilient snowman-shaped rubber toys that resist even the most determined chewers. But the company also offers a monthly subscription of boxes based on themes—such as chewing, boredom, separation anxiety, teething, barking, crate training, and more. 

Each KONG Box includes a KONG Classic toy, a training toy, treats, a recipe, and a handpicked toy based on your dog’s personality.

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BarkBox dog subscription box
Image credit: BarkBox

BarkBox subscription

When talking about pet-related subscription boxes, we’d be remiss not to mention BarkBox. With a range of box themes—from Dogsgiving to The Muttcracker—BarkBox promises your dog will “never look at a cardboard box the same way again.” (If you’ve got a toy destroyer, check out the Super Chewer box.)

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For the anxiety-prone

Does your dog tremble during storms and other loud events? Do they get destructive or bark incessantly when you’re away? These gifts can help pups with all levels of anxiety.

Dog sleeping in ThunderShirt
Image credit: THUNDERWORKS


Recommended by vets, the ThunderShirt is a snug, vest-like product designed to soothe nervous dogs. (You can think of it as a weighted blanket for pets.) And according to THUNDERWORKS, it’s over 80% effective in calming dogs during fireworks, thunderstorms, travel, vet visits, separation anxiety, over-excitement, and more.

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Dogs playing around Furbo Dog Camera
Image credit: Furbo

Furbo Dog Camera

Part camera, part walkie-talkie, part remote treat-tosser, the Furbo Dog Camera does a lot. But perhaps most importantly, it can help you monitor and calm dogs with separation anxiety. It even integrates with Alexa, allowing you to schedule treat tosses.

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For the couch potato

Are you a proud parent of a Bulldog, Basset Hound, or another breed that would rather curl up on the couch than play a game of fetch? Here are a few presents perfectly suited for their laid-back ways.

Puppies sitting on La-Z-Boy dog couch
Image credit: La-Z-Boy

La-Z-Boy Pet Sofa

If you’ve ever thought that your lazy couch potato should have their own La-Z-Boy couch, you’re in luck—because such a thing actually exists! La-Z-Boy offers a few different styles of pet sofa, and they all look comfy enough for humans. Someone’s going to be a lucky dog…

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White dog putting paw on Cheerble WickedBone
Image credit: Cheerble

Cheerble Wickedbone

Need to convince your pup to get some exercise? The world’s first smart bone could help. This futuristic toy from Cheerble offers both remote control and an automatic “interactive” mode that entices your dog to play as it spins, jumps, and more.

Get the Cheerble Wickedbone →

For the busybody

From Border Collies to Vizslas, a number of breeds are known for their seemingly boundless energy. When you need help wearing out your dog, consider these gift ideas.

White dog inspecting iFetch automatic ball launcher
Image credit: iFetch

iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher

Ideal for pet parents who don’t have time to play fetch for hours every day, iFetch’s innovative toys offer an automatic solution. With three different ball launcher products and now a digging toy, iFetch will help direct your dog’s high energy toward positive activities.

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Dog and owner playing with Flirt Pole V2
Image credit: Squishy Face Studio

Flirt Pole V2 from Squishy Face Studio

Prefer a low-tech solution to tiring out your energetic pup? Give this flirt pole (also known as a lure wand) a go. Touted as the “ultimate dog exercise toy for busy people,” Flirt Pole V2 has been tested for durability, strength, safety, and more.

Your pup will likely be panting and ready for a break after about 10 minutes.

Get the Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole →

For the brainiac

Have a breed known for its brainpower—such as a CorgiGerman Shepherd, or Poodle? These gifts will keep them thinking (and out of trouble).

Arf Pets treat dispenser
Image credit: Arf Pets

Arf Pets Dog Treat Dispenser

This clever product from Arf Pets promotes exercise and memory by rewarding your dog for stepping on a controller button—which you can place up to 164 ft. away. Sounds like an entertaining way to keep your furry friend busy, right?

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Dog pressing nose to MightyPaw pet doorbell
Image credit: Mighty Paw

Mighty Paw Smart Bell

If you’re interested in a more practical use for button-pushing, you could train your pup to use the Mighty Paw Smart Bell. Essentially a doorbell for dogs, this device requires less than 1 lb. of pressure to activate the connected chime.

Ready to say “goodbye” to scratched doors and demanding barks?

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For the adventurer

If you’ve got a Husky, Brittany, Australian Shepherd, or equally active dog that you’re always bringing on exciting expeditions, these gifts could be perfect for your pup.

Dog helping woman do sit ups
Image credit: Whistle™

Whistle™ Pet Tracker

In our book, every dog should have this smart wearable. Why? Because Whistle™ delivers personalized insights on your dog’s behavior (e.g., scratching, licking, drinking), location, and level of activity. And knowing more about your pup allows you to provide better care.

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Dog wearing Walkee Paws™ leggings
Image credit: Walkee Paws®

Walkee Paws™ leggings

Outdoor adventures can often be tough on a pup’s paws. Traditional booties help protect your dog’s pads from extremely hot or cold surfaces. But if you’ve ever used them, you know they can be challenging to keep on.

These brilliant booties (AKA “the world’s first dog leggings”) tie behind your pup’s back, so they never slide down.

Get Walkee Paws™ leggings →

For the fashionista

Does your dog dress better than most humans you know? Do they rule the runway? Well, get ready for the photoshoot because these gifts are fit for even the classiest of canines.

Brown dog wearing a striped sweater
Image credit: Sir Dogwood

Sir Dogwood pet clothes

Dogs in sweaters. Need we say more? Sir Dogwood offers a variety of chic, modern dog apparel and accessories from designers all over the world. Adorable doesn’t even begin to describe it.

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Man taking a selfie with his Chihuahua
Image credit: Pooch Selfie

Pooch Selfie

After you get a new wardrobe for your pup, you’ll need to capture all that style on camera. Pooch Selfie—a squeaky ball accessory for your smartphone—is here to help you focus your dog’s attention to get the perfect picture.

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For the dirty dog

No matter how smelly, dogs are always snuggle-worthy. But for the pups that constantly seem in need of a bath (we’re looking at you Bloodhounds, Beagles, and basically every terrier ever), these pet gifts could provide some relief.

Woman washing her Golden Retriever with AquaPaw
Image credit: Aquapaw®

Aquapaw® Pro Grooming Tool

Is bathtime often a battle? This unique silicon tool allows you to brush and rinse your pup’s coat at the same time—giving you a free hand to wrangle your dog. For some pets, baths may never be fun. But this product can at least make them faster and easier.

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Woman loading her dog into her car
Image credit: Ruffwear

Ruffwear Dirtbag™ Seat Cover

Often bring your dog along on errands and excursions? This seat cover will change your life. Waterproof, durable, and machine-washable, the Ruffwear Dirtbag™ protects your back seat from hair, mud, and other messes.

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White dog wearing "dogs rule" shirt
Image credit: PEDIGREE Foundation

Need more dog gift ideas?

PEDIGREE Foundation offers several cute and creative gifts for dogs (and their people) in the DOGS RULE.® gear store. And when you buy something, the proceeds go to helping dogs find loving homes through shelter and rescue grants.

Holiday shopping for a good cause? Count us in.

Check out the PEDIGREE Foundation gift guide →

Happy howl-idays!

We hope this gift list helps you spoil your pup this year. (Because they totally deserve it.) As you prepare for the holiday festivities, check out our seasonal tips on pet safety.

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