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Blog /New Cat Dna Test
Breed and Genetics June 01, 2021

Meet the world’s most comprehensive cat DNA test.

Wisdom Panel's cat DNA test helps you tailor care to your cat’s personality, health needs, and one-of-a-kind characteristics to keep your cat healthy and happy.

Developed by the same geneticists and veterinarians behind the world’s leading dog DNA service, Wisdom Panel™ Complete for Cats analyzes thousands of data points to help you plan for your kitty’s unique needs with confidence. Because when it comes to their health and happiness, there’s always more to know.

Why DNA test your cat?

When you understand your cat at a genetic level, you can tailor care to their personality, health needs, and one-of-a-kind characteristics.

Learn about your cat’s breed

Sometimes, a cat’s unique combination of inherited physical traits can make them look like a breed that isn’t actually present in their ancestry. That’s because most random-bred domestic cats descend from family lines of other random-bred cats rather than multiple pedigreed breeds. While it may be tempting to label a domestic cat as a purebred based on appearance alone, unless a cat has a family pedigree or registration papers from a reputable breed registry, DNA testing is the most reliable way to know how precisely your cat’s DNA matches to the world’s largest cat breed reference database.

To help pet parents better understand their feline friends, our test screens for 70+ breeds and populations and reports your pet’s breed mix down to 1%.

And while getting a glimpse of your cat’s family tree is definitely fun, it’s also incredibly informative. Understanding your cat’s ancestry will shine a light on their personality and behavior. Turkish Van ancestry? You might find that swimming is among their favorite activities. Have some Abyssinian in the mix? Stock up on tall cat trees to accommodate their high-jumping abilities.

Wisdom Panel™ cat breed test results
Wisdom Panel™ Complete for Cats breaks your pet's breed mix down to 1%.

Learn about your cat’s genetic makeup

Pets can’t talk, but their DNA can. Cat genetic testing screens for conditions that could impact how you care for your cat and identifies traits that help you understand your companion better.

MDR1 gene mutation? You’ll want to tell your veterinarian before attempting a neuter/spay or other procedure. Two copies of the Long Hair variant? Consider feeding a diet rich in omega fatty acids to keep your cat’s beautiful coat looking its best.

Wisdom Panel Complete for Cats includes:

  • 45+ health tests that uncover potential genetic risks
  • Blood type detection so you’re ready in case your cat ever needs a blood transfusion
  • 25+ trait tests that demystify physical features
Man playing with his kittens
A DNA test can help you tailor care to your cat’s unique needs.

How it works

Testing with Wisdom Panel only takes four easy steps.

  1. Activate your DNA test kit online and create a user profile
  2. Collect your cat’s DNA via a a quick cheek swab
  3. Send the DNA sample to our USDA-accredited laboratory, where we’ll use our algorithm to compare it to the DNA of other cats in our database
  4. Get the results in a comprehensive report that we’ll email to you in 2-3 weeks

How accurate are feline DNA tests?

Dogs have been at our side for thousands of years. And along the way, humans have refined breeds to excel at specific jobs. But the vast majority of cat breeds are less than 75 years old and come from random-bred populations. That makes detecting cat ancestry a bit more nuanced.

Fortunately, we don’t skimp when it comes to the science. In fact, we’ve built our tests upon more than a decade of extensive research and the expertise of leading geneticists, veterinarians, universities, and breed organizations around the globe. Because what good is a DNA test if you can’t trust the results?

Wisdom Panel™ Complete for Cats screens for more breeds, traits, and health conditions than any other consumer cat DNA test.

Get vital insights about your cat's ancestry, traits, and health.

By analyzing thousands of data points within your cat’s DNA, Wisdom Panel™ Complete for Cats helps you know them better so you can care smarter.

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