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Blog /Jamie Freyer, DVM
Jamie Freyer, DVM

Jamie Freyer, DVM

Following her work in research at Oregon Health & Science University and a career as a practicing veterinarian, Dr. Freyer joined Wisdom Panel™ as a Veterinary Technical Support Manager to help advance animal medicine through genetics.

On an average day, you're likely to find Dr. Freyer talking pet parents through DNA health results or providing clinical counsel that informs Wisdom Panel™ products. But she also enjoys writing and digging through genetic data to discover insights that help people provide better care for their pets.

A dog mom herself, Dr. Freyer has two Shelties, Ailean and Reggie. The former excels at dog sports (e.g., fast CAT, agility, herding, conformation) and even earned a spot on AKC's top 20 list for fastest Shelties! Outside of her pet-related passions, Dr. Freyer also loves to sing, having spent several years as a part of the Portland Symphonic Choir.

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