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Dog Breeds /Berger d'Auvergne
Berger d'Auvergne

Berger d'Auvergne

The Berger d'Auvergne is an intelligent, versatile working dog. Assertive but friendly, these pups enjoy an active life outdoors.


26–66 lb


12–23 in


10–12 yr

Breed Group


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Berger d'Auvergne Traits

General Appearance

Berger d'Auvergnes are medium-sized dogs with a solid build and rustic appearance.

Coat and Coloring

The Berger d'Auvergne's coat is thick and rough. It's typically short-to-medium in length and comes in various colors and patterns—including light fawn, black and tan, and merle.

Distinctive Physical Traits

Berger d'Auvergnes have narrow heads and tapered muzzles. They usually carry their triangular ears semi-erect, though they can be straight or drooping. This breed's round, expressive eyes come in yellow, orange, hazelnut, blue, and particolor.

Berger d'Auvergne Temperament

Confident and kind, Berger d'Auvergnes enjoy spending time with their humans. But some may be reserved or even wary of strangers. This breed is happiest when living an active life with plenty of outdoor time.


Berger d'Auvergne History

Originating in the Auvergne region in central France, these hardworking shepherds served as popular sheep herders in the area through the 1980s. But when local ranchers started importing Border Collies, the Berger d'Auvergne's popularity began to fade. By 2010, the breed was so rare that some considered it extinct.

Auvergne locals set out to save the dogs. With the support of Professor Jean-François Courreau of the National Veterinary School of Alfort, they rounded up the remaining Berger d'Auvergnes from farms to re-establish the breed. Today, these dogs remain extremely rare. But committed breeders are still working to preserve them.

Berger d'Auvergne Care


Berger d'Auvergnes thrive on a high-quality diet formulated for their life stage and energy level. To help your dog maintain a healthy weight, keep an eye on their food intake and measure their portions to avoid overfeeding. And remember, as a guideline, treats should make up no more than 10% of a dog's daily calories.


The Berger d'Auvergne's grooming needs are relatively minimal. Weekly brushing to remove loose fur and dirt from their coats will keep them looking their best. Regular nail trims should also be part of their grooming routine, as overgrown nails can cause pain and potentially lead to problems running or walking.

Good dental hygiene is another essential part of your pup's long-term care. Dental disease is one of the most common conditions in adult dogs. And, left untreated, it can contribute to other serious health issues. Professional cleanings combined with regular at-home teeth brushing will help keep your dog's smile bright and healthy.


True to their herding dog roots, Berger d'Auvergnes are energetic dogs that need a lot of daily exercise. Long walks (or better yet, runs) will help them burn energy and stay in shape. These athletic dogs are also well-suited for activities such as agility, rally, and competitive obedience.


Berger d'Auvergnes are highly trainable thanks to their high intelligence. But they can also be independently minded. So, firm, consistent training methods work best. Lastly, socializing your Berger d'Auvergne as a puppy will help them develop into a well-mannered adult dog.