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Blog /Annette Louviere, DVM
Annette Louviere, DVM

Annette Louviere, DVM

Hailing from the flatlands of Georgia, Dr. Louviere began working in veterinary medicine in 2005—and she’s held nearly every position veterinary hospitals have since then. After earning her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from the University of Georgia, she began practicing as a feline-exclusive veterinarian..

Now a Veterinary Technical Support Manager at Wisdom Panel™, Dr. Louviere uses her expertise in veterinary medicine and biological science to help people gain a deeper understanding of what makes their pets unique so they can provide better care.

Dr. Louviere lives in Portland, Oregon, with her family (which includes two pups and two cats). And when she’s not working to enhance pet welfare and enrich the human-animal bond through veterinary medicine and genetics, you’re likely to find her cross-stitching or—a more recent hobby—cycling.

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