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Wisdom Panel Premium dog DNA test collection kit
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Wisdom Panel™ Premium


Developed by world-leading geneticists and veterinarians, Wisdom Panel™ Premium is the most comprehensive dog DNA test on the market. Get ready to know more than ever about your pup’s ancestry, traits, and health so you can care better than ever.

New! Genetic relative match Beta

Search the world's largest database of dog DNA to find your pup's family. Over 99.9% of dogs in our database have a relative.

210 health tests

Identify genetic risks related to drug sensitivities, vision, weight, mobility, and more.

Veterinarian consultation

Discuss any notable health findings.

Most accurate breed detection

See breed mix reported down to 1%.

Screens for 350+ breeds

Tests for more breeds than any other dog DNA service.

Multi-generational family tree

Trace your dog’s ancestry back to their great-grandparents.

35+ trait tests

Understand coat type, eye colors, ideal weight range, and more.

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Results ready within 3 weeks.

The results

See what makes Wisdom Panel™ Premium the world’s most comprehensive dog DNA test.


Get ahead of health risks. With 210 tests for adult-onset vision disorders, notable eating behaviors, mobility problems, and many other health conditions, Wisdom Panel™ Premium helps you plan for your pup’s needs at every stage of life.

Wisdom Dog DNA


Discuss results with an expert. If your dog’s DNA test results show a notable health concern, our licensed veterinarians are just a (free) phone call away—ready to answer any questions you may have.

Back view of a man with two cute dogs


Detect conditions your dog could pass on. Even if your pup is clear of health conditions themselves, they may be carriers. If you’re considering breeding your dog, find out if they have genetic factors that could affect the health of their future puppies.

Two mixed breed dogs looking curious while posing to the camera


Identify medical complications early. Due to genetic mutations, common medications and procedures are highly dangerous for some dogs. With 25+ medical complications tests, Wisdom Panel™ Essential helps identify conditions that could cause serious problems during routine procedures, such as spaying or neutering. Because there’s nothing like having peace of mind about your pup’s health and safety.

A veterinarian and a dog look at each other at close range

[New!] Relatives [Beta]

Find your pup’s extended pack. We’ve tested more than 3 million dogs. And there’s a good chance your pup’s littermates, parents, and other relatives are among them. When we decode your dog’s DNA, we’ll automatically search for their genetic family so you can compare DNA results, view photos, and more.

Dog DNA test relatives results


Predict adult size and ideal weight. When it comes to body size, "healthy" looks different for every dog—even among those of the same breed. But planning for nutrition, providing enough exercise, and even picking a big enough dog bed doesn’t have to be a guessing game. After all, your pup’s DNA holds clues to their ideal adult weight range.

Laughing woman carrying a dog in her arms


Understand your dog’s appearance. You know what your dog looks like. But do you know why they look that way? Demystify their physical features with more than 35 trait tests. Your dog’s test results will reveal the genetic factors that give them their distinguishing qualities and one-of-a-kind characteristics—from what makes their fur so silky (or shaggy) to how well they do at high elevation.

Wisdom Dog DNA


Get the most accurate breakdown of your dog’s breeds. Looks can be deceiving. Even trained experts get breed identification wrong about 75% of the time when judging by visual cues alone. That’s why we go beyond appearances and screen for the genetic markers of 350+ breeds. How? We’ve built the world’s biggest breed reference database and most advanced dog breed detection system—which is over 98% accurate.* Together, these allow us to report your pup’s breed mix down to 1% so you can tailor care to their unique personality.

Wisdom Dog DNA


Explore your pup’s family tree. To accurately detect your dog’s ancestry, you need three things: a large breed database, a sophisticated algorithm, and a significant number of markers strategically placed across the genome. We’ve got all three, which allows us to map your dog’s ancestry back three generations—all the way to their great-grandparents.

Wisdom Dog DNA


Measure genetic diversity. Diversity is important in all areas of life—including DNA. Because low genetic diversity often correlates with genetic health risks, learning how diverse (or heterozygous) your dog’s DNA is can give you a more complete view of their health.

Wisdom Dog DNA
Sample Results

Meet Otter.

Otter is an energetic mix of Australian Cattle Dog, Old English Sheepdog, Border Collie, and four other breeds. Because Wisdom Panel tested Otter’s DNA using the most accurate breed detection system, her parents now know her full ancestry (down to 1% precision). Want to see Otter’s detailed breed breakdown?
See Otter's Results
Otter (the dog) smiling at the camera

How to DNA test your dog

Vital insights about your dog are just a swab away.

*Based on controlled tests of known purebred dog samples