Adding genetic testing into day-to-day practice

 Personalised patient care starts with DNA. Get a better picture of your patients’ risks and start your tailored care now.

Early Detection

Screen for 260+ canine genetic health variants and 45+ feline genetic health variants for conditions such as MDR1, bleeding disorders and kidney disease.

Proactive Care

Make personalised health and medical related recommendations leading to longer, healthier, happy lives for your patients.

Practice Benefits

Differentiate your services through offering genetic screening as part of routine wellness care.

Client Experience

Enrich the bond between patient, client and vet, creating a lifelong care plan together.

Discover our comprehensive test offerings:

How genetic screening will work in practice

Step 1

Roll one swab between patient's cheek and gum for 15 seconds. Let it air dry for five minutes, then repeat with the second swab.

Step 2

Register the sample to your online account.

Step 3

Place the dry swabs back in the protective sleeves and send them back to our lab.

Step 4

Results will be sent in 2-3 weeks for you to review and then share with the client.

The premium Canine and Feline kits for vets:

Canine DNA Kit

Tests for 260+ canine genetic health conditions Screens for 365+ breeds Test for 50+ physical traits See a multi-generational family tree Results processed in UK laboratory

Feline DNA Kit

Test for 45+ feline genetic health conditions Screens for 70+ breeds and populations Test for 25+ physical traits See a multi-generational family tree Identify blood type

Interested in adding Wisdom Panel to your practice?

Backed by 40+ published papers. Browse some of the research fueling our DNA tests below:

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