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The gift on every pet parent's wish list.

A DNA test provides pet parents health, breed, and trait insights to help them know their pet even better.

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Helping you take your dog’s care to the next level

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"Having done Wisdom Panel’s test, we can’t imagine buying a dog and not doing this kind of test..." - The Independent

Help them know their pet on a whole new level.

The best gifts show you know someone on a deeper level. And a DNA test goes deep. Health, breed, trait insights and relative matches are all ways pet parents can know more about their pet, which can help them optimise care and make the best decisions for their unique pet.  It’s the test chosen by over 4 million pet parents, and the dog DNA service most used by veterinarians. 

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Holidays are for…meeting the family.

A pup parent can discover their dog’s extended pack with Wisdom Panel. 99.99% of dogs in our database have a relative, which may include birth parents and littermates. So you can message, see photos, compare DNA results, and more.

Marnie and Cooper Reunion

Marnie and Cooper

If the same reddish-gold coat didn't clue you in, then those mile-wide smiles certainly will - Marnie and Cooper are littermates, reunited for a very special reunion. 📸: @miloandmarnie_

River and Chutney Reunion

River and Chutney

It's a brother reunion! river (previously Cheddar) was adopted from @dogstrust as a pup. Thanks to a #WisdomReunion he has met his littermate - and lookalike - Chutney. 📸: @sprointervinnie_

Twix and Dorris Reunion

Twix and Dorris

It looks like adorably big ears run in the family. A wisdom Panel DNA test revealed that Twix and Dorris are sisters! They share 38% of their DNA and are both Russell Terrier-Chihuahua mixes. 📸: @_elsieanddorris @roloandtwix_

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Wisdom Panel Breed Discovery

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Insights at a glance

Screens for 365+ breeds
Finds their relatives
Genetic health tests
Physical traits and appearance
Vet consultation for 'at risk' health findings

Meet Ella.

She’s 30% Australian Cattle Dog, 24% Siberian Husky, and a mix of 11 other breeds. Because Wisdom Panel tested Ella’s DNA using the most accurate breed detection system, her parents now know every detail of her breed mix. Want to see Ella’s full breed breakdown?

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The gift every pet parent will love.

Give the gift of Wisdom and help them know their pet on a deeper level. With Wisdom Panel they will discover health, breed, relative, and trait insights that will help them deliver the very best care—all in one thoughtful gift.